Strega RCRCM

Pierre Rondel

The kit of the Strega is pretty complete, with servos lead extensions, MPX green plugs, wing bags, wing servos tray, radio keel. Wings are beautiful and the airfoil seems very very thin. The thickness for the servos is therefore very limited, so the servos covers are bumped. Itís mandatory to use 10 mm servos for the ailerons. The fuselage is pretty light. The long ballast tube (20 mm) is provided apart. Tails with upper control horns location remind the Skorpion.


Weight per element are the following:

RCRCM Distributor for France :

More to come, so stay tuned !


Strega_001 Strega_002 Strega_003
Strega_004 Strega_005 Strega_006
Strega_007 Strega_008 Strega_009
Strega_010 Strega_011 Strega_012
Strega_013 Strega_014 Strega_015
Strega_016 Strega_017 Strega_018
Strega_019 Strega_020 Strega_021
Strega_022 Strega_023 Strega_024
Strega_025 Strega_026 Strega_027
Strega_028 Strega_029 Strega_030
Strega_031 Strega_032 Strega_033


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