Le Chatel - Aerial pictures
Pierre Rondel

The last flight of 2006, the 31th of December around 2pm took place in the earth of the alps at 70 km south to Grenoble in a area I consider personnaly as the paradise of alpine slope soaring. The mountain calls "Le Chatel". This is the first time I go there, because usually this is a popular place for paraglider, and as you know, aeromodellers and paragliders are not often the best friends in this world !

To reach the summit we started by a 20 minutes drive, then 45 minutes of walk sometime a little bit difficult because of some snow here and there. But finally, we reached the summit at 1984 meters of altitude. Some pictures of this mountain: picture 1, picture 2

I took my EasyGlider equiped with a 4 Mp digital camera. Then I took some other shots with my EOS 10D.

I let you with the pictures. Enjoy !


IMG_3676_DxO IMG_3696_DxO IMG_3698_DxO
IMG_3699_DxO IMG_3701_DxO IMG_3713_DxO
IMG_3724_DxO IMG_3725_DxO IMG_3737_DxO
IMG_3745_DxO IMG_3749_DxO IMG_3764_DxO
IMG_3780_DxO IMG_3782_DxO IMG_3790_DxO
IMG_3794_DxO IMG_3810_DxO IMG_7139_DxO
IMG_7142_DxO IMG_7151_DxO IMG_7152_DxO
IMG_7153_DxO IMG_7154_DxO IMG_7155_DxO
IMG_7157_DxO IMG_7158_DxO  

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