MS Composite Bubble Design

This "Bee Design" is a phenomenon in France since the slope meeting of Macon (PSS, semi scale and foamies) where Jean-Guy decided to install a RC Equipment in it.

Yes, in fact this 50 cm wingspan glider is initially a free flight glider for children ! The Bee Design is made form EPP and then is painted very nicely. The radio equipment I used is the following:

Control surface are made from 6mm "Depron". The final weight is 69g.

In flight, the Bee Design is very nervous because of its size, and also the size of the control surfaces. It's really funny to fly, and I already imagine how it could fly on very unusual slope place like small sand dunes, small walls, in brief everywhere a conventional glider would be too big too fly. I know that some people did towing with it.

Manufacturer: MS Composite home page

Reseller for France: Combat Air Model

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