Martinet F3F
A French F3F Weapon ...

Here are some pictures of the new F3F weapon of Jean-Claude Tourniaire & Mathieu Mervelet, 2 actives and very good pilot. CNC work is from François Lorrain, the father of the Wasabi and also the Tomahawk F3B.

Moulds has been milled in a high density MDF (Medium), then saturated with a special epoxy resin, and finally sanded and polished. The quality is good enough to mould few exemplars (pre-series) to validate the design.

The Martinet finished 3rd for its first important F3F competition (International F3F Open of St Ferriol). It impressed all the pilot present with a very stable trajectory and very fast and sharp turns.

Martinet_001 Martinet_002 Martinet_003
Martinet_004 Martinet_005 Martinet_006
Martinet_007 Martinet_008 Martinet_009
Martinet_010 Martinet_011 Martinet_012
Martinet_013 Martinet_014 Martinet_015
Martinet_016 Martinet_017 Martinet_018
Martinet_019 Martinet_020 Martinet_021
Martinet_022 Martinet_023 Martinet_024
Martinet_025 Martinet_026 Martinet_027

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