Extreme F3F in Flight
Pierre Rondel

After a very unsual snowy winter in Grenoble, I have been able to do the maiden flight of my Extreme F3F (Norbert Habe design, manufactured by Milan Demcišák).

The lift at the small local slope was very poor, but I managed to climb a little, do some distance and some F3F runs. It's too soon to conclude anything, but the Extreme seems "well born". Despite a weight of 2400g, he is climbing very well with 3mm of flaps. Easy to handle, no bad surprises, good lift and energy retention in turn, nervous on the rolling axis, good acceleration .

So far, I'm happy and I'm excited to fly it again in better condition and a more suitable slope Here are few pictures of the maiden flight. My CG is at 105 mm.

During the second flying session in a very nice south wind slope in Ardèche, I added 30g in the nose, and the plane is even better. I must be around 103mm now. The Extreme confirmed to be a very good racer !

Better than 100 words, you can download a 3 minutes video here (20 Mo)

Next step is F3F competitions against Freestylers, Ceres, Martinets, Predators, etc ... Interresting challenge. Stay tuned !

You can buy the Extreme from various distributors like:

ExtremeF3F_01 ExtremeF3F_02 ExtremeF3F_03
ExtremeF3F_04 ExtremeF3F_05 ExtremeF3F_06
ExtremeF3F_07 ExtremeF3F_08 ExtremeF3F_09
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