Extreme F3F
Pierre Rondel

I received my new F3F toy ! This is an Extreme F3F, designed by Norbert Habe and manufactured by Milan Demcišák in Slovakia. thanks to Milan, I got my now personnal color scheme , like a signature ;)

Moulding quality of this new bird is great andthe fit and finish is simply perfect. I saw it in flight at the Welsh Open 2008 and liked the shape and the way it flies. With 2.85m wingspan, it has the perfect size for F3F.

It looks like a refined Aris, so it should be very slippery. According to Norbert Habe, the new airfoil is superior to the Aris's one. I also like the ballast arrangement in the fuselage, not in the wings, which allows to change the ballast quicklywithout having to disassemble the wings. The radio tray is moulded in place in the fuselage and designed to receive 13 mm servos.

More to come with the building as soon as I start it.


IMG_1282 IMG_1283 IMG_1285
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