Ascot Short F3F
Pierre Rondel

Below are some pictures of the Ascot Short F3F. This beautifully made and strong plane is manufactured by Vaclav Vojtisek in Czech Republic. I don't have one personnally but I must admit that the Ascot short is very competitive and dangerous when I fly against it during competition.

IMG_6359_DxO IMG_6362_DxO IMG_6368_DxO
IMG_6374_DxO IMG_6375_DxO IMG_6376_DxO
IMG_6380_DxO IMG_6381_DxO IMG_6387_DxO
IMG_6390_DxO IMG_6394_DxO IMG_6395_DxO
IMG_6400_DxO IMG_6402_DxO IMG_6403_DxO
IMG_6404_DxO IMG_6405_DxO IMG_6406_DxO
IMG_6407_DxO IMG_6408_DxO IMG_6409_DxO
IMG_6411_DxO IMG_6412_DxO IMG_6413_DxO
IMG_6426_DxO IMG_6427_DxO IMG_6430_DxO
IMG_6431_DxO IMG_6433_DxO IMG_6434_DxO
IMG_6436_DxO IMG_6443_DxO IMG_6446_DxO
IMG_6447_DxO IMG_6448_DxO IMG_6449_DxO
IMG_6450_DxO IMG_6452_DxO  

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